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Recessed Lighting Trim Buying Guide

An alternative to lighting covers are plain-and-simple lighting trims. Recessed lighting trims make lighting just a tad bit fancier, with just a fraction of the cost. If you have installed recessed lighting in your home or workplace, a simple add-on trim should complete the job.

Most recessed lighting—especially those bought in packages—already include the trim itself. However, sometimes, to save on bulk buying, recessed light packages are very basic and include little to no extras but the light itself. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t fret, as lighting trims are widely available in all kinds of sizes, styles, and shapes.

Another reason you might find yourself in a trim-buying situation is when your old trim has lived its life expectancy. These things are exposed heavily to elements—some are installed outdoors—and the backside of the light (ceiling side), are exposed to unbeknownst creatures that lurk in the ceiling; rats, for example, and other creepy crawlers that stumble on lighting equipment, might from time to time treat these things as stuff to munch on.

When any of the above happens, it’s definitely trim shopping time. Now, shopping for the right or perfect trim can either be an swift task or a daunting one. The best advice to would-be shoppers: be prepared. If you go without knowing anything about what your light specifications and requirements are, even your friendliest neighborhood hardware salesman can't help you. Know your light. Know what brand it is, what size it is, even non-pertinent information such as wattage and voltage can sometimes help.

Another word of advice: if you think there are things about your light you can’t answer or are unsure of, don’t go the online shopping way. Visit your neighborhood hardware and ask questions. If you can, bring the complete fixture with you so you can test fit trim sizes.

Aside from the obvious ones mentioned above, there are more recessed lighting trim options to consider. But, the good thing is, that what’s left are all subjective choices. Styles, colors, makes, models, and brands, and not to mention a very important decision-maker: budget. Once you have this all figured out, shopping would be a breeze. The experience can be pleasurable as well, as you get more hands-on with your hand work, and get to know more things about your house. In the future, you might even build enough confidence to do the work yourself (not that you might already have).

With that said, we’ll end this buying guide with a premier on shopping and choices. Remember what we said earlier though, you should be confident enough to be able to answer any question that might come up about your lighting before going online shopping. Enjoy and good luck on your quest. Be sure to check back our site in the future should you need anything lighting-related.