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About Recessed Lighting

Being a site dedicated to a very small niche, we feel it is our responsibility to explain what our niche is all about; or in this case, the mother niche—recessed lighting. So in this article, we’ll try to explain very shortly, in our very own way, the ins and outs of recessed lighting.

Basically, installing lights in a recessed manner is nothing but a way to make things look cleaner. Recessed lighting—most commonly seen on ceiling lights—is one where the light fixture is hidden from plain sight. In this method, the ceiling (or wall) will seem seamless, with just a hole or a cover (for the sake of our site) protruding.

Now, that may seem all too simple but recessed lighting has more to it. For one, installation can be quite picky. Obviously, your ceiling would need to have space behind it, because otherwise the fixture would have nowhere to “hide.” By the way, this is all in the assumption that you’d want to install recessed lights on an already-built home—most recessed lighting is done during construction. So, given that you are in this situation, you would have to tackle installation that is can prove to be quite a challenge even for the handiest handyman.

After you’ve chosen the perfect light, fixture and cover, you would obviously need to bore an exact hole to contain all of that. The hole needs to be perfect; measuring will be based on the housing fixture. A hole that is too big will not only be an eyesore, it can also serve as a passage to pests such as cockroaches. The hole becomes even more of a challenge if your ceiling is not made from wood. After the hole, the wiring comes next. You would obviously need to hide the wiring otherwise your stealth install would defeat its purpose. It is important to be cautios when routing the wiring as this is a safety concern that can cause fires if not done properly. House the wire with protection such as a wire loom, and find a way to connect it to your preferred wall switch.

Not to make this too complicated but this can all be done (at cost) by a good contractor and an electrician. After all the planning and hard work recessed lighting can really be worth it. It can be the design cue your home is lacking all this time. It is beautiful and clean, which adds to safety and space, it provides more than adequate perfect and warm lighting.