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Recessed Lighting Covers

Greetings and welcome to your complete source for recessed lighting covers. Please feel free to browse around the pages of our site to find the best in recessed lighting and recessed lighting equipment such as covers, receptacles, bulbs, and more.

Recessed lighting is a great way to keep the look of your house neat and clean. There are no protruding bulbs that are a sore to the sight, not to mention can cause unwanted accidents when hit. A recessed light fixture’s bulk is hidden inside the ceiling which means all hardware related to it including messy wires is hidden from plain view.

Talking about lighting covers means one of two things. A blank/unused hole in the ceiling can be covered temporarily with one of the many available covers made from thermal insulating material that helps keep heat or cooling well within the house. It is a known fact backed by the Department of Energy that holes in the ceiling are costly for energy bills because they waste a significant amount of cold or hot air made and maintained by energy-hungry air conditioners and heaters.

Another thing people expect when they search for recessed lighting covers are decorative covers. These covers are also otherwise known as recessed lighting trim kits. They are basically the housing where the bulb goes and provides two main purposes. The first and obvious purpose is to house the bulb. The next purpose is to shield the interior of the house to the ceiling—as previously mentioned to keep the air in or prevent it from coming in, and to prevent unwanted entry of insect and pests lurking above the ceiling.

A good decorative lighting cover should be available in many styles and colors that will match any known interior theme and provide good insulation between the ceiling and the room or space that is lit.

To simplify your shopping experience, make sure to know the exact size that you need to avoid confusion. Sizes are defined by the diameter of the hole in the ceiling.

Update — Tenmat Covers

There have been a number of customers informing us of the advent of light covers used in conjunction with current recessed light trims and fixtures. Such covers provide fire-resistant insulation that acts a barrier in case of a fire and eliminates the need for dry wall boxes. These covers are lightweight and usually flexible, made from materials that are also used for insulating heat.

The most popular brand and kind used these days for such are those made by Tenmat U.S. Their covers are UL fire tested surpassing FF109 standards and can resist first for up to two hours. The covers are also very easy to install and can also be used for in-ceiling/in-wall speakers, luminaries, and fluorescent lights.

Tenmat Light Cover

tenmat lighting coverThe aforementioned cover measures a 14 inches wide and 9 inches tall. The space can fit most recessed lighting fixtures including IC boxes and fuses. The cover eliminates known draft problems which prevents heat loss. The cover installs in seconds and no assembly or sealant is required.

Avail of our special offer for this cover at only $14.99—$5.00 off its retail price.

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Decorative Covers

Improvements Glass Recessed Cover

frosted glass light coverThis gorgeous trim kit is highlighted by its cracked ice ornament that also illuminates as the bulb is lit. The cover is simply snapped in place of your existing plain covers. The glass art is also surrounded by cast steel ring. The item is available in many different sizes starting from 4 inches (diameter of ceiling hole).

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